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Flat Roof Replacement & Repairs

Are you in need of flat roof installation or flat roof repair? What kind of flat roofing is best for your needs? We can help you determine that. While some flat roofing is good for commercial buildings, it may not be suitable for roofing on houses. We offer flat roof installation, replacement, repairs and maintenance for your flat roof system. We rely on some of the best
manufacturers who have flat roofing materials for homes and commercial
properties. We can evaluate your existing flat roof and offer professional advice
on what you need and what you don’t. Our flat roof team is skilled at installation and many of our roofers have years of experience behind them. Our team is well trained with flat roof systems, and we have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right.

flat roofing installation boston ma
Flat Roof Solutions

EPDM roofing: perfect for a large flat roof surfaces and many residential applications. The flexible rubber material is glued to the roof substrate and to adjacent areas. An EPDM roof can easily last 20 years with minimal maintenance.

Modified Bitumen: works on residential and small-scale flat roofs. The product comes in 3’ wide rolls so it’s easy to handle and apply. We have self-adhering systems that are safe to install with no torches.

TPO – thermal plastic roofing for homes and business. This product is a heat-welded with reflective and Energy Star properties. It’s strong and flexible with strong seams and energy efficient qualities.

Set up an on-site appointment to discuss your flat-roof system. Call 508-661-9916 so we can determine the best solution for your project.