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Gutters protect your home by diverting rainwater or melting ice and snow away from your foundation.

Gutters protect your home by diverting rainwater or melting ice and snow away from your foundation. This is important to keep the water where it belongs so it doesn’t flood your basement, or cause other problems like rot and damage to siding and roofing. Gutters have a lifespan. According to the National Association of Home Builders, steel or aluminum gutters will last 20 years on the average, while copper gutters will last for 50 years. If you’re looking for someone who knows something about gutters, call Adam Quenneville Greater Boston. We will introduce you to a wide range of quality gutters. We offer gutter installation, gutter replacement and gutter repair. Whether you are building or you need to replace or improve the gutters you have, we can offer you several options and a free no obligation estimate. We can help you secure a functioning water removal system that starts at the roof. Ask us about counter flashings to prevent water backup and ice dam damage. Ask about heat cables that we install to protect your gutters from roof to ground against ice dams.

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How do you know if you need gutter installation?
  • Ice dam damage to your gutters
  • Rain, snow and ice bend or crack existing gutters
  • Water is leaking into your basement causing mold and moisture problems
  • Water will not flow out of your gutters and down the downspout
  • Gutter guards are not functioning and water backs up
  • Foundation problems from water seeping in through the exterior
  • Painted siding is peeling or bubbling, or the wood is stained and rotting
  • Gutters are rusty and can no longer handle water flow
  • Mold or puddles form around your foundation
  • Gaps form between gutter connections or where gutters are attached
  • Streams of water cross your lawn with signs of erosion
  • You are replacing your siding and you want new gutters to match

Let’s talk gutters. Call us at 508-661-9916 for a free gutter inspection.